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I have used many types of bins as a professional organizer. I have my favorites and thought I would share with organizing enthusiasts. I use these containers or similar containers with great results.

• The softer cotton bins from Home Goods are great for pets to access and are safe for their eyes when they reach in to get a favorite toy.×16-Cotton-Rope-Basket/7000012507?colorId=NS9860992&pos=1:87&N=1185968446

• This wicker bin from target looks great. I like to use it to store blankets in a family room for cold winter nights.

• These simple white baskets made by Serilite are great for bathroom drawers to separate like items and keep them organized. The larger ones are great for under the sink in the bathroom or kitchen. The white reflects light for dark spaces. They can be found on Amazon, or in store at Target and Walmart. They come in several sizes. The complete line is available for viewing at link below.


• These last 3 containers are from the Container Store and are great for pantry organization. They are available in multiple sizes.

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