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Everyone deserves a clean relaxing place to live. If you have limited time and need motivation or assistance to start organizing, this is my forte. Helping others achieve more livable space with less clutter is very satisfying to me.

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I have lived in Maryland most of my married life as a ‘stay at home’ mom in Howard County MD. Howard County has been good to us and a great place to raise children. My children learned the art of organizing from me. With a small house and lots of kid’s stuff I taught them the use of bins for like items.

I started my home organizing business, Simply Organized Solutions in 2020. I am a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) in order to grow in my profession and have a network of likeminded people.

I have been encouraged by my friends for years to ‘do what I do best’. I have helped them with their organizing projects, large and small.

I want to share my enthusiasm for a simpler way of life, using my skills for organization to achieve that ZEN state of mind. Getting rid of clutter is very freeing and lets us focus on ‘life’ without the constant search for the tools of everyday living.
We cannot all be organizing gurus so I am glad to offer my services to my community. Sometimes just another set of hands and encouragement can lead to great success.

Organization and planning come naturally to me. I am always looking for a better way of doing the work of life.

Session Pricing: typical sessions are 4-6 hours. You can also purchase a package in 10 and 20 hour increments. Session minimum is 3 hours.

3 hour session $150

4 hour session $200

6 hours session $300

10 hour package $400

20 hour package $800

A contract will be prepared within 2 business days of consultation. *Additional fees may apply.

Shopping Fee: $30*

Donation Fee: $30*

Dump Fee $50*

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