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Happy Autumn!

Autumn leaf raking and kids school sports leave little time for the mundane. Relish this time with your kids as they will grow up in a ‘blink of an eye’. Spend time watching them practice and enjoy the change of the season. To get the ‘stuff  done at home’ bring small projects you can do on the run, say 30 minutes or less.

Sneak in the 30 minutes or less in the car,  as the kids run to their activity. Tackle online bill pay, online shopping, read a book, study your notes, or formulate that presentation. That way you are present for your children but can feel good you checked something off your ever present ‘to do’ list.

How to prepare for your 30 minutes session? Have a go bag for yourself; bring your laptop, calendar, pen , paper, a book, or ideas for your presentation. If you have online shopping to do, use one of many list apps to make your grocery list on your phone; on the drive, get your kids to add to your list for you. A little teamwork off the field is helpful too!