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If your living room feels like a playroom, or a sport depot, maybe it’s time to reclaim your space.

Even if your room must be a multifunctional space there are plenty of ways to add decorative storage to hide away items that are used in the space until you need them. Some sofas now have built-in storage compartments.

First, define your space.

What do I want for my space?

Relaxation, Crafts, Reading Nook?

Do I have the appropriate lighting?

Are there any items that really do not belong?

Is there a more appropriate space somewhere else in the house items can be relocated?

Create zones: Watching TV, Games Table, Reading Nook

Does your coffee table have space for baskets?

Could you add an ottoman with a lid?

Or a bench with a place for baskets?

The living room should be a relaxing space. Too many items or clutter is not conducive for relaxation.

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