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Moving can be overwhelming; it is an understatement. If you plan to move and have given yourself plenty of time to prepare, that is the ultimate move. According to in 2020, over 29 million people moved in the US, mostly from larger cities to smaller ones.

Not only do you have to take into account all the needs of your family members and pets but the requirements or suggestions of your real estate agent selling your house. Get their list asap.
Your realtor is a great source for information.

Start your own ‘to do’ list. Add things to it as you think of them or you might forget. Before bedtime get items for the list out of your head and on paper. It will help you to relax. Tell you family member where the list is so they can add things too.

As an organizer my 1st suggestion is to edit out anything you do not want or need: trash, donations, give away, or sell items. Less weight will be easier on the moving budget. A clutter-free home shows well.

What will you need immediately upon arriving at your destination? Will you need short/long term storage?

Important papers for your move will usually be in your home office. Use this room as your command center for your move. Remove any unnecessary items from this room if you can. The goal is to use this room to add all items you will need during the move and when you arrive in your new home. Start adding these items about 2 weeks before your move. This movement would happen ideally after the house has sold. I hear from clients that the movers ‘packed everything in sight’ and “I meant to set that item aside so I could use it before we get to the new house”.

Items to set aside:
suitcases to pack 10 days worth of clothing and medications for all family members
food, cages, medications, and bowls for your pets
bag for your ‘mobile office’ with pens, sticky notes, important paperwork, bills to be paid in transition, laptop, access to computer passwords
snacks for the road
anything else that will make the transition easier such as your daughter’s favorite stuffed animal

Also remember to take a deep breath, hydrate and get ready for your next big adventure!

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