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Mindfulness is a popular buzzword right now. Mindfulness has been around for more than 2000 years and is practiced throughout Asia.

Siddhartha, the man we know as Buddha, crafted the practice after a period of reflection and ‘awakening’. Anyone that is fully ‘awakened’ or enlightened is free of hatred, greed and ignorance and is considered a buddha.

Buddhists consider enlightenment (nirvana) the greatest form of happiness. Mindfulness means to remember to observe how your mind’s attention moves from one thing to another. The triad of mindfulness is ethics, meditation, and wisdom.

How does mindfulness help you here in the modern-day USA or anywhere in the world?

  • It can help you to determine what is truly important in your life
  • It can help you to focus on work that is meaningful
  • As a person it can help you become better in mind, body, and spirit
  • As a consumer it can channel self-discipline when making purchases
  • As a parent, it can help instill the truly important things in this life

In our fast-paced lives, this goal is enormous but attainable, one step at a time. We must slow down to be mindful, pay attention to our thoughts and actions, improving ourselves from the inside out.

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