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Do you have a pile that needs attention? Whether it’s laundry, unpaid bills or papers to file, tackle it all with 15 minutes segments of time.

Before your children are home for the summer, get some of the piles conquered.
Turn up your favorite music, set the timer for 15 minutes and divide and conquer.
When 15 minutes are up, do a self-check assessment.

Did you get something accomplished?
Do you feel good about it?

If that 15-minute session energizes you maybe you could do it again?
Maybe you could do it again today. If not, then you know you have accomplished your goal and you can repeat until that one pile is done.
It is not necessary to punish yourself with hours of sorting. Progress is progress.

A sense of accomplishment can give you motivation to move forward with more 15-minute sessions because 15 minutes is a doable goal.
And you could try it with your kids.
A little work and a lot of play.

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