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Do you struggle with plastic food container storage? Do you have trouble finding the right lid for a container?
Here are some tips to tame the containers:
• I store the containers with lids on so there is no extra thought to picking the container I need. I needed extra storage space for my containers but to me it was worth it. I do not have to stop and find a lid that fit my container
• I bought some containers that were just for use at home. I found better quality containers prolong the life of the food especially if you use an appropriate size for food being stored
• I chose clear containers so I can see what is in the container without opening them.
• These containers are microwave safe
• I also bought another set of less expensive containers just for guest leftovers. It is not worth the time and effort to try to get back a favorite container from someone. Most of these cannot go in the microwave although there are earth friendly all paper ones
• I use a gelato container with the screw top lid for storing pasta and rice after the package has been opened. They are clear and even stackable.
Happy food storage adventures!

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