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Do you have too much of everything? Even if you are not an avid shopper, COVID brought out the need to overbuy and store household products in most people. Just like squirrels we feel the need to pack away food and household goods for winter.

How much is too much? In our COVID climate I even have 6 months worth of toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning spray/wipes, laundry detergent, masks, and gloves. If you have enough for everyone on your street, you might consider donating extras to a food pantry in your area.

If you also have clothing with tags, and a room dedicated to your shopping hobby, it might be time to reconsider how you shop and why you shop. If you are bored and shop because you are bored this is a sign you need to refocus your attention.
Shopping addiction is real and affects about 18 million adults in the US according to statistics cited by

If you are concerned about the environment, consider how those online purchases are processed if you are not happy with your purchase. A lot of those returns are dumped in landfills because online shopping companies do not want to spend the time/resources/money to reroute those returns to vendors.

Most people have heard of mindful meditation. We can use this same principle with shopping. Mindful shopping takes time but if you have no extra space in your home for the big box store style shopping you might need to do some planning. Look around your house…did you hide that extra toilet paper under the bed?

Determine your usage of all household products and buy enough to get you through  3-6 months. Preplan you shopping trip. Make a list. If you always forget something, make a checklist of all household items you typically use and print it out. Keep this list in your car or use an app such as AnyList, or Grocery Shopping List by Listonic.

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