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Back to School

Are you and your family ready for that ‘Back to School’ transition? Now that the COVID vaccines are fully available, school will be in session LIVE for all schools in Maryland.
Shopping for supplies and school clothes can be overwhelming especially with 2 or 3 school age children.
Have your school supply list handy when you do your shopping. Plan a special ‘one on one’ day to spend with each child, to focus solely on their needs and desires.

Have your ‘command center’ ready.
Your command center’ should have an inbox for each child to accommodate a folder or binder with communications from school, forms to sign, newsletters, permission slips, and letters from teachers so you are fully informed.
An erasable board or monthly calendar
A message area for most important events
A place to store pens, and marker for ease of use
A spot for kids to deposit their school mail so you can easily sort

Need extra assistance to pull it all together? See my contact tab/get in touch and send me an email. I will gladly help you set this up.


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